Sacred Health

Calms the Mind

Relaxes the Body

Clears Toxins

Reduces Pain

Increases Vitality

Improves Sleep

Improves Digestion

Improves Relationships

Enhances Well-being

Reduces Depression

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Supports the Immune System

Raises Vibrational Frequency

Slows the Aging Process

Increases Spiritual Growth

          Increases Confidence

         Increases Self-Esteem

              Reduces Fatigue

Feel Your Stress Melt Away with Shamanic Reiki

Energy Therapy

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Welcome! If you are feeling "stuck", or you feel stress, worry, fear, hurt, anger, anxiety, low-confidence, guilt, grief, fatigue, physical pain, or if you just want to increase your vitality and energy levels, then this powerful therapy may be able to help you.


Shamanic Reiki is a transformational healing experience that combines ancient Shamanism with traditional Usui Reiki. This unique, sacred art works by connecting you with your true nature (which is pure love) by using Universal life force energy and divine information from the spiritual world to heal the parts of your soul that have experienced damage and/or energy loss.


You simply lay comfortably on a massage table and let the magic float over you. Brenda will hover her hands lightly above your various energy centers (chakras) to uncover and clear away physical and psychological blockages while she is in an altered state of consciousness, communicating and interacting with the spirit realm to receive healing messages specifically just for you.


In these alternate spiritual dimensions, everything is alive and sentient, with a consciousness of its own, and can be communicated and interacted with, including nature, animals, spiritual guides, angelic beings and your loved ones who've passed. We are all pure energy at the subparticle level, connected to everyone and everything that has lived before us, co-creating and expanding together. It is just a matter of tapping into this intelligent energy.


Brenda Pharaoh is a respected Energy Therapy Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor, Advanced Usui Reiki Master, Shaman Practitioner and Professional Psychic Medium. She is able to connect to the spiritual realm with precision and faciliate communicate with angelic beings and people who have crossed over. She is clear and accurate while bringing profound understanding and healing.


Brenda also teaches the power of conscious awareness and creating your own reality through positive intentions, which can help guide you into vibrational alignment with Source and light up your path for the future.


In these very unique sessions, Brenda will combine a Shamanic Reiki healing along with a clairvoyant reading in a loving, safe, private environment. Everything that comes through during your treatment is confidential and sacred. Her channeled spiritual wisdom often leads to light-bulb moments, both for teacher and student. The profound insight that happens during session can be life changing. Messages from your loved ones who have passed, angels and spirit guides are often revealed.


Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration from above to renew our faith in this physical world. Brenda can help you release what no longer serves you and get to a place of happiness and overall enthusiasm for life.


For a Shamanic Reiki energy therapy session & clairvoyant reading, email Brenda directly at


Currently scheduling appointments for the year 2022.




    Body Calm Yoga & Wellness Studio

1565 E. Leighfield Dr. Meridian, ID 83646



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Investment: $139 ~ 90 minute session






Professional Medium

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 Body Calm Yoga &

Wellness Center

1565 E. Leighfield Drive

Meridian, Idaho



Usui Reiki Master Teacher

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"As we get a better understanding of how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine. I think the most important alternative medicine secret is Reiki."


                                       ~Dr.Mehmet Oz

Brenda Pharaoh

sc, etp, hhp, arp, rmt

Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

Holistic Health Practitioner

Spiritual Counselor

Energy Therapist


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