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A Shamanic Reiki session is performed on a cozy massage table after a brief consultation. When you are ready, you will start by lying face up, fully clothed, resting comfortably on the table. Brenda will then access the Reiki energy and begin hovering her hands over a series of locations above your body's biofield (along the seven main chakra centers) and channel the Reiki energy. Her hands will be guided by Rei, or Universal Divine consciousness, to manipulate Ki, the life force energy in your body. You don't have to do anything. All you have to do is lay there, rest, relax and breathe. Shamanic Reiki will work whether you believe in it or not, and will be effective no matter what you are doing or what you are thinking.


You may feel light tingling, heat, or soft pulsating sensations from her hands during the treatment. Old memories may surface or you may have inexplicable waves of emotion. This is all part of the healing and clearing process. Simply allow the feelings to come up, diffuse, and softly melt away. Most people report feelings of bliss and happiness, light-bulb moments and profound insight during their sessions.


If you indicate at the beginning of the session that you wish for her to pay attention to a particular injury or issue, she will concentrate on that area during the session.  For a regular stress-reduction treatment, the head and torso are worked on first, followed by the back, knees and feet.  


Brenda will be in a slightly altered state of consciousness, connecting with the spirit world, guided as she goes, moving in and out of trance during the session. Everything in the spirit world is alive, intelligent, sentient and communicative. She uses her clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairailient senses to see, hear, feel and intuit certain areas on your body that may need extra special care and attention.


The best part is afterward! She will discuss her findings with you and offer any messages that came through during your session. Messages from your angels, spirit guides, or loved ones who have passed are often revealed. For testimonials, click here.


Please keep in mind that your privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times. Anything you share with her is held completely sacred. She subscribes to the IARP Code of Ethics.





$139 for a 90 minute session, including a consultation, Shamanic Reiki energy treatment and clairvoyant reading. *Gratuity is optional



Body Calm Yoga and Wellness Studio

1565 E. Leighfield Dr. Suite 175

Meridian, Idaho 83646



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Wait time is currently about a year and a half, into the year 2021, but it is well worth the wait. See Testimonials.                     


















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